6 Crucial Tips For Working From Home When You Have a Dog

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Working from home can be both a blessing and a challenge, especially when you are a dog owner. Here are some tips to make your five second commute with man's best friend a teensy bit smoother.


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1. Start with a nice, long walk in the morning.

What dog doesn't love a good walk? Getting out and about in the morning sunshine with your furry friend is an absolutely excellent way to start the day. This is the perfect time for your dog to do his business bright and early and get his ya ya's out. Exercise is not only great for your canine friend, but it also increases your productivity in the workplace. Talk about efficiency. So get out there and get your daily dose of vitamin D before retreating back to your cave. You and your pooch deserve only the best.


2. Make sure to take breaks for play time.

All work and no play makes your dog a sad boy. Besides, it is no good for you to be working straight through the day with no scheduled breaks (and believe it or not, this can be quite easy to do when working from home). Make sure you are getting in your smiles and tug of war by reserving plenty of time to play with your friend. He will thank you, and you will feel much happier for doing so.

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3. Give your pup a chew while you work.

For anxious dogs (or pups prone to boredom) a good chew or bully stick can be a fabulous source of entertainment for a couple hours (depending on the size and chewing tendencies of your dog). Stock up on your dogs favorite chew and supervise from afar as you tend to your work. This can be an excellent solution to keep both parties busy and satisfied (and for you to meet that deadline)!


4. Or if you've got a fussy pup with the Zooms, bring him into yours!

When you and other coworkers are working from home, you may find there can be empathy towards the distractions underfoot. If your dog is barking, it may be better for him to be in your lap (or on the couch) and present in your video conferences than making a bunch of noise. Hopefully your colleagues will understand and be welcoming of a cute puppy face at your meeting!

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5. Have lots of treats around the house for both you and your buddy.

Snacks are a very important part of life for both you and your pet. Be sure to stock up on delicious "office snacks" that will make your work day more enjoyable. Similarly, be sure you have an array of dog-friendly treats on hand so you can reward your dog for good behavior. You can even do some training with your pooch when you take a break away from your desk work.


6. Stick to a schedule: for pees, poos, play, meals, and walks.

Dogs crave a reliable routine. You can provide this to your pooch by making a schedule that he can look forward to everyday. This means consistent meal times, play times, walks, and of course, pees and poos! Your dog will be less anxious while you work knowing that he has a routine he can rely on and activities he can look forward to.

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Working from home can be a great way to be extra efficient (if that's how you best work) and spend some time with your pet. A long walk in the morning is a great way to keep your dog exercised and happy. Be sure to stick to a consistent schedule that meets your dog's needs and will make him feel secure so you can work efficiently throughout your day. This includes scheduled time for meals, bathroom breaks, walks, and playtime. Special chews for your dog can keep him happy and occupied when you have projects that require longterm and sustained focus. You may have to make small adjustments to fit the needs of your dog, but in the end, you will succeed as long as you are persistently consistent, and snuggling with your doggo on the couch with some Netflix at the end of a productive workday!