18 Dogs Who Are Bibliophiles

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Dogs love to read. Fact. Didn't know that? Well, let us prove it to you.

1. Reading is fundamental.

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2. That TBR pile is getting big.

3. Reading is more fun with a pal.

4. "Trying to understand humans. They can be weird."

5. Reading glasses? ON.

6. Sometimes you gotta read the hard stuff.

7. Gotta read something before bed. Always.

8. "What a fascinating book."

9. "I love murder mysteries."

10. "I'm learning so much."

11. "This is very educational."

12. When you see yourself in the book you're reading.

13. "Take me to Narnia."

14. "Yes, I'm enjoying this very much. Thank you for asking."

15. Relating to this book on another level.

16. The classics are always a good choice.

17. Reading is a great escape.

18. "Can you turn the pages for me? Thanks."