17 Accidentally Brilliant Pet Photos

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Everyone has their favorite pet photos. The ones where the light, color and scale come together in a harmonious whole to create compositions that border on fine art.

These, readers, are not those types of pictures.


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1. Original poster: "He's really a sweet boy!"

Top commenter: "You need a priest."

2. "From the flight deck, this is your captain speaking. I'm gonna turn the seatbelt light back on because we're expecting some turbulence ahead."

3. "They share the middle ear"

4. "Angelic ... deeeeeeerp"

5. "What a weird lamp I have sitting on the table 🤣"

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6. "Putting googly eyes on Lucas was probably the most solid and disturbing decision I’ve made in a long time"

7. "Pinky tried smiling"

8. "This is Crookshanks. He is the thing of my dreams and of my nightmares."

(Don't worry, his people has replaced his tower with a new, stronger model.)


9. "So this was my neighbor's cat. I made the mistake of feeding him a hotdog through the window crack and now he thinks it's a drive through."

10. "Head. Only head. And one little bitty foot."

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11. “That’s right I’ve been naughty this year! Whatcha gonna do about it?!”

12. "Poor Ellie has seen things😂"

13. "Me: i will take a cute photo of my cat for the contest to appear on the cat calendar"

My cat:

14. "This mule does this every time I try to get her picture. She is such a total weirdo."

15. "The shadow really did not do her figure any favors 🤣 🤣 🤣"

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16. "He was sulking because we had to leave the dog park early.. 😂"

17. "Basking in the sun? Pffft, that's for amateurs. I will consume its energy by swallowing it whole" -- this cat, probably

h/t: Crap Pet Photography


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