The Very Best Of The #BestBellyChallenge

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However strong the temptation, pet these cats' best-in-class bellies at your own risk.

1. "This is Milo. He’s chonk. But I love him. #bestbellychallenge"

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2. "When your cat's submission for the #bestbellychallenge doubles as a rorschach test."

3. "Everyone, meet Murphy 🐱. TV for scale #bestbellychallenge"

4. "Scribble accepts new family member by copying pose ❤️ #bestbellychallenge"

5. "Renaming the hashtag because the only thing better than one spotted kitteh belly is two! #bestbellieschallenge"

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6 "I would like to submit my dear Gizzy for the #bestbellychallenge"

7. "Just give himbs the trophy already #bestbellychallenge"

8. "My boy Poppy was born to participate in the #bestbellychallenge"

9. "I’m always finding these boys napping somewhere together!!!! #bestbellychallenge"

10. "Leo heard there was a #bestbellychallenge going around??? 😂😍"

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11 "Over the holidays, I got to spend some time with a friend. After a night of revels and shenanigans, I woke up early the next morning needing water. I got up, grabbed a glass and was ready to jump back into bed. In the short time, my friend's cat had claimed my warm spot and tried to claim the win on the #bestbellychallenge"

12. "Nominating my cat Elliott, who’s nickname is “belliott” for his love of belly rubs #bestbellychallenge"

13. "Is it too late to join the #bestbellychallenge? My son, Cups wants a try"

14. "Is he a T-Rex? 🦖 Godzilla? The Grinch? Trying to capture the spirit of Christmas Vacation’s movie poster? 🎄 #bestbellychallenge"

15. "Cats with bellies like this have a 125% chance of stealing yo girls #bestbellychallenge"

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16. "Trixie wanted to participate in the Fluffy category of the #bestbellychallenge"

17. "This is Joe. Joe has to accompany Dad to the bathroom every morning. Just in case... #bestbellychallenge"

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