15 Dogs Who Are Actually Doctors

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These good boys and girls are ready to see you about that tummy ache. Don't worry, you're in good hands, er, paws.

1. You made my heart skip a beat, doc.

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2. Dr. Doggo reporting for duty.

3. The dogtor will see you now!

4. Relax, it's nothing some ibuprofen won't fix!

5. The cure for heartache is lots of cuddles.

6. Your prognosis is looking excellent!

7. You gotta admit doctors are always fashionable.

8. I hate being on-call.

9. Safety first!

10. Got my first aid kit ready!

11. Your heartbeat is very strong!

12. Your diagnosis? Too much screen time. Put your phone away.

13. I look too young to be a doctor? How dare you!

14. I'm gonna go ahead and prescribe more hugs for you!

15. Your blood pressure's all right!


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