16 Dogs Who Are So Excited For Spring

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Spring is rapidly approaching, and these puppies can't wait! They're excited to celebrate...

1. St. Patrick's Day...

Image Credit: Pawsitively D'Lish Pet Photography/iStock/GettyImages

2. ...Paw-sover...

3. ...and Easter.

Image Credit: yellowsarah/iStock/GettyImages

4. They know that April showers...

Image Credit: Ирина Мещерякова/iStock/GettyImages

5. ... bring May flowers.

Image Credit: Capuski/iStock/GettyImages

6. Including gorgeous, world famous cherry blossoms!

7. These puppos know this season also means parties, like Cinco De Mayo...

Image Credit: DenGuy/E+/GettyImages

8. ... and Spring Break!

9. They celebrate Earth Day...

Image Credit: Sappington Todd/BLOOMimage/GettyImages

10. ...mothers...

Image Credit: JuliaSha/iStock/GettyImages

11. ...and every kind of new baby, too.

Image Credit: Image Source/Image Source/GettyImages

12. Spring-loving dogs take advantage of the lovely weather to picnic...

Image Credit: chendongshan/iStock/GettyImages

13. ...or fly a kite.

Image Credit: Jean-Luc Farges/iStock/GettyImages

14. Heck, they don't even mind the wind! (It helps with the kite.)

15. It's worth the allergies...

16. ...which are nothing a little Spring Cleaning can't help with.

Image Credit: Jevtic/iStock/GettyImages


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