18 Dogs Who Are Ready To Serve You Your Favorite Drink

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By now we all know that dogs hold a variety of professions, but bartending may be the most fun of them all! Care for a martini?

1. Sorry, but we gotta cut you off.

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2. It's Fat Tuesday!

3. We got all kinds of beer on tap.

4. Mimosas for everyone!

5. Two white wine spritzers, coming up!

6. Pinot noir or pinot grigio?

7. On the rocks, hmm?

8. It's the low alcohol content for me.

9. Yeah, you could say I'm a pro at this now.

10. Shaken or stirred?

11. I promised myself I wouldn't drink on the job...

12. How about a daiquiri?

13. Oops, I didn't cut enough orange slices.

14. So...what'll it be?

15. Your alcoholic wish is my command.

16. I have all that I need. Hit me with your order.

17. Sorry, I can't drink from my own supply.

18. It's all a matter of practice.


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