Just 15 Dogs Going Wild For Watermelon

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Watermelon is so tasty. Naturally, dogs would also enjoy eating them on a warm spring or summer day!

(And yes, it's ok to feed your dog watermelon! Just make sure they don't eat the rind or seeds!)


Video of the Day

1. This cutie is one in a melon!

2. Yummy in my tummy!

3. Hey, you're in my way.

4. Is this gonna make me pee?

5. Hmm, interesting new treat.

6. This is a very efficient way to eat watermelon. I think.

7. Watermelon means it's officially summer, right?

8. This is so yummy!

9. Sweet, but not too sweet. Also, boop.

10. My ears are getting wet.

11. So tasty. Give me more.

12. I still prefer bacon, but this is nice too.

13. Wait, I'm almost done.

14. Yup, this is the good life.

15. Who you think you're foolin'?