18 Dogs Who Deserve Their Own Baking Shows

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Great British Baking Show? More like Great British Barking Show, woof! These dogs deserve their own baking shows because they know how to wield a rolling pin and whisk. Don't be surprised to see them on screens near you soon!

1. Welcome to my bakery!

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2. I had a little accident.

3. Every baker needs the right tools.

4. Excuse me, I can't work with you staring at me.

5. Check out my top notch baking equipment.

6. Some of my best work, if I do say so myself.

7. Are these ready yet?!

8. Ingredients, please!

9. Do I have something on my face?

10. Ok, I'll let you have the first taste.

11. I am floured. Get it?

12. Paws, please, and listen to my instructions.

13. They see me rollin'...

14. Whisk you were here!

15. You gotta break some eggs to make a cake. That's how that expression goes, right?

16. These are under baked. See the disappointment on my face?

17. Uh oh, I ate all the cream.

18. Dessert is served.