21 Dogs Who Are Better Gardeners Than You

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Gardening comes easy to these dogs, thanks to their green thumbs. Just give 'em some seeds and fertilizer, and watch them give you the garden of your dreams!

1. This is growing beautifully.

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2. Thanks for offering to help, but I got this.

3. This soil is perfection.

4. I love tasting the "fruits" of my labor.

5. Look! I did that!

6. I'm the garden warden!

7. First we dig. Then we plant.

8. You gotta plant everything in its proper place, ya know?

9. Gotta move this plant real quick.

10. Just pulling out some weeds over here.

11. I think this soil will do nicely.

12. Weeds are the WORST.

13. Hold up, I got more digging to do.

14. I hitched a ride!

15. Just checking up on my babies.

16. Gardening relaxes me!

17. If I fits, I sits.

18. Gardening is dirty work, but it's fun!

19. This dragon fruit is gonna taste so good.

20. Welcome to my happy place.

21. Let's go for a ride.


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