16 Pets Who Are Next Level Adorable

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Start fitting these animals for brightly colored blazers and bronzed busts, because they are social media all-stars on the fast track to the Cute Pet Hall of Fame.

1. "Was literally looking for my cat in all his sleeping areas and found him in his new backpack knocked out"

2. "Chase pulling a total dad move and turning off all the d*mn lights because the electricity doesn’t pay for itself! 😤"

3. "Juju is going home with his furever family! He's part pup, part doll. #smilingdogchallenge"

4. "I love how much she loves boxes just like any other cat!! She can’t see them but she knows they’re there!!"

5. "Overly excited pup is ...

... still learning how to play fetch"

6. "Call a vet, this cat is sick AF 🤣"

7. "When everyone thinks your an anime villain but it's really just hella wimdy [sic]"

8. "This smile right here is why I let my cats out for fresh air & sunshine 😸"

9. "The perfect disguise doesn't exi-- [pauses in disbelief]"

10. "When you’re searching the house for your cutie & she finally comes out of hiding. 💗🐶💗 #hiddendogchallenge"

11. "My friend says my cat looks aerodynamic and angry... Angrodynamic if you will 🤣"

12. "Hurry up and screw the legs on Sandra I can't hold it much longer 🤣"

13. "Ping's peets have their own little fluffy tufts and i can't even deal"

14. "Be sure to ask your local vet about this very important test today!"

15. "He FURIOUS because there's not a drop of dressing"

Obligatory Simpsons reference because, as always, they called it:

16. "Pedicure time made simple. (No voids were harmed, except for maybe his pride)"


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