15 Dogs Enjoying The First Day Of Summer

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Summer is right around the corner, and these dogs are more than ready. From wearing their favorite swimsuits to participating in fun summer activities, they're living their best lives.

1. Let the summer BEGIN.

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2. Nothing beats a boat.

3. It's Hot Pup Summer, officially.

4. Catchin' rays for days.

5. Skirted swimsuits are the only way to go.

6. Life's a beach.

7. Too cool for summer school.

8. Ready for a dip?

9. Today is sandal-icious!

10. I'm a supawmodel.

11. This is the life.

12. Where's my mocktail?

13. I trust you gave me designer sunglasses.

14. Gotta get my tan right.

15. Patiently counting down to 4th of July weekend.


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