18 Dogs Who Are Card Sharks

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You gotta know when to hold 'em and when to fold 'em. These dogs do. Watch them win at every game from Blackjack to Uno to Cards Against Humanity! It's all about versatility.

1. The posture of a winner.

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2. I'm all in.

3. I fold.

4. Hold on, I'm thinking.

5. My move?

6. This is my poker face.

7. I'm a master at this game.

8. Sorry if I'm being too savage.

9. Hit me.

10. This is my favorite game.

11. Okay, your move.

12. I just wanna know if I get treats when I win.

13. I'm gonna call your bluff.

14. I feel like these cards are stacked against me.

15. Is this how you play Texas hold 'em?

16. I would shuffle if I had opposable thumbs.

17. Poker night is my fave.

18. Can you tell me the rules again?