15 Pets Who Are Ready For Their Humans to Start Leaving the House Again

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1. This corgi who is at the park for the 27th time today.

2. This cat who does not want to try any more of your experimental recipes.

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3. This cockatiel who resents your newfound drawing hobby.

4. "Oh weird, your laptop's not working. Guess you have to go into the office today."

5. This frog, who is tired of being held up to your webcam during Zoom meetings, no matter how much your coworkers love it.

6. This fish who is sick of looking at your face all day.

7. "Remember when you didn't have a bunch of free time to foster puppies? I do..."

8. This tabby who will stop at nothing to sabotage your day at home.

9. This dog, who has been asked "do you wanna go for a ride?!" approximately 700 times this week.

10. "Hey, seriously.... please leave."

11. This pup who is growing weary of all the new toys and pet products you've been ordering online.

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12. This turtle who has simply had enough of you.

13. This puppy who has absolutely run out of patience for your never ending "photo shoots."

14. "Are you seriously starting another puzzle? GO OUTSIDE."

15. This big brother, who is NOT A FAN of your little quarantine creation.