Why Does My Dog Bite Their Paws?

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Dog kisses are the sweetest thing in the world. Though excessive licking and biting, on the other hand, can be more cause for concern for any pet parent. Your dog is your best buddy, so you probably feel it is your utmost responsibility to keep every part of your dog safe — including their paws.


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If your dog is constantly noshing on their toe beans like they are French fries, it may be a source of alarm and worry. If this uncharacteristic nibbling continues, you may ask yourself: why is my dog chewing on their paws? Your dog may find their own toes delicious but never fear: knowledge is paw-er.


Why does my dog bite their paws?

You may be surprised to discover there are plenty of reasons why your dog may be biting their paws. According to AKC, this may or may not include:

  • fleas
  • mites
  • dermatitis
  • a splinter
  • anxiety
  • food allergies
  • allergens
  • dry skin


In order to determine the proper cause and a course of treatment for your dog's paw biting, you should plan on visiting your veterinarian. Your vet will be the most qualified to diagnose the problem at hand and advise you on the next steps for treatment so you can keep your dog safe and healthy.


You will want to take your dog to the vet to determine and treat the cause of your dog's paw biting right away, as prolonged biting of the skin can lead to other secondary issues like a bacterial infection, which can be serious and a danger to your pet.

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Paw biting due to an injury

According to AKC, your dog may be biting their paws due to an injury. If your dog's licking starts on suddenly, you may want to check if your dog is limping, hurt, or injured. Types of paw injuries can include splinter or foreign material lodged in your canine's paw pads, as well as cuts, bites, or insect stings. Be sure to monitor your dog for unusual behavior and symptoms so your vet can best assess and treat their paw biting and licking. If your dog is injured you will want to have him treated by your veterinarian right away to avoid bacterial infection, further harm, illness, damage, and injury.


How do I stop my dog from biting their paws?

At some point, there needs to be answers and relief for you and your pet! Ultimately, addressing the cause of the issue will help relieve your pet's symptoms, including your dog's itchiness and biting and licking of their paws. Seeing a veterinarian can help you determine why your dog is biting their paws in the first place. Once you start getting answers, you and your vet can work together to get your dog back to feeling like their normal self!


According to CC Animal Clinic, your veterinarian may advise putting your dog in a cone to keep them from biting their paws in the meantime, and further prevent bacterial infection, but this may not treat the underlying cause of your pet's paw biting. Be sure to check with your vet before treating your dog's symptoms at home.


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In summary

There are many possibilities as to why your dog could be biting their paws. It is important to determine the cause and establish a treatment plan with your veterinarian so that your dog can start feeling like their normal selves again. A veterinarian will be able to determine what is causing your dog to bite their paws and recommend options to treat your pet's symptoms properly. It is important to take your pet to the veterinarian in a timely manner, as prolonged paw biting can cause bacterial infection and secondary issues which can be very serious and harmful to your dog's health.