The Best Places to Buy Pet Chickens

Chickens are available from numerous different physical and online resources. You may find newly hatched chicks in the spring, poults during the summer and fully developed adults throughout the year. You must decide if you want to raise the chickens from a young age or jump right into an adult pet.

The Best Places to Buy Pet Chickens
The Best Places to Buy Pet Chickens
credit: Cuteness

Feed Stores

Visit your local feed store in the spring to buy newly hatched chicks. Feed stores are an excellent option because you will view and select the chicks on site. It is similar to picking out a puppy except you will not know the sex for a few months. Feed stores will keep chicks in stock through the spring and early summer. The ones who don't sell immediately will become poults and will remain available for purchase until the store sends them back to breeders. Buying your pet through a feed store gives you a contact if problems arise. You also will have the option to purchase feed and supplies at the same time.

Poultry Breeders

Breeders are found in rural areas and they sell direct to the public. Breeders are a good option for purchasing specialty breeds that feed stores do not sell. Purchasing from the breeder is good for buying in bulk as well. Make a large order with several other people to drive down the cost for each chick or poult. Direct visits to breeders is not an option for everyone as they are scattered around the country but many do mail order.

Online Resources

Ordering chicks through an online or mail order system is not uncommon. Numerous resources are available and you can order through an established hatchery, a farm or a small breeder. Working with a hatchery or breeder that is established and running a legitimate business is advised. They can account for any issues with delivery and health. Do not discount small breeders but research their credentials and history before making an online order.

Adult Chickens

Mature adult chickens are available throughout the year. Check the farm section on your local classifieds throughout the year. In many cases, an adult will stop laying eggs and the owner will offer it to a good home for free. Chickens that are being pecked and abused by the flock are often given away as well. You can rescue and adopt the adult chicken as a pet.