13 Sloths You Won't Believe Exist

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These sloths are real and they walk among us somewhere on this planet.

1. This sloth who makes it on time for the first day of school, but will probably fall behind the homework immediately.

2. This sloth who thinks she can liquid.

3. These tiny baby sloths who break the internets whenever they get ready for bed.

4. This sloth who just wants to cuddle his BFF (best furry friend).

5. The sloth who still believes in courtship.

6. The sloth who literally can’t even right now.

7. The sloth who thinks she's George Clooney.

8. The sloth who fell out of a tree and .... pauses for effect … into a speedboat. BECAUSE YOLO!

9. This sloth with a good selfie game.

10. The sloth who became a meme after he got chin scratches from Ryan Gosling and Evan Rachel Wood. Would you trade places right now with this sloth? (We would.)

11. This sloth who just wants to look his best before appearing on the Today show.

12. The sloth who needs to enroll in carrot rehab.

13. The sloth with elite, ninja-esque photobombings skills.

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