3-Legged Mastiff's Story Will Warm Your Cold Soul

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While good things do come in small packages, they can also come in giant ones.

Meet Zeus, the four and a half year old mastiff who is oh-so-cute and has a heart of gold.

3-Legged Mastiff's Story Will Warm Your Cold Heart

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The gentle giant had a rough go for a while, but found his forever home with owner Naliyah, a volunteer at Prince George's County Animal Shelter in upper Marlboro, Maryland. Naliyah shared that Zeus was "one of the dogs the shelter took to an adoption event. He was very scared and shy and he ended up sitting in [her] lap for most of the event."

Perhaps it was the impact of having a 88lb dog sitting on her, or Zeus’ sweet face, but Naliyah “kept thinking about him all week.” So, she and her husband agreed to adopt him.

Zeus was recently diagnosed with osteosarcoma, or bone cancer. In order to give Zeus more time, his front leg was amputated, removing the tumor.

Now, Zeus is enjoying life as a cancer survivor. Based on his photos on instagram, being a tripawd hasn't seemed to lesson Zeus' enjoyment of life. He even participated in a photoshoot with his adopted brothers.


Recently, the family celebrated his one year adoption anniversary--which is a big deal for Zeus. “Before us the poor guy was adopted and soon brought back to the shelter,” Naliyah said, “but he will never have to worry about that again! He is the sweetest dog I’ve ever met.”