11 Animals That Are So You On New Year's Day

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January first always holds such promise since it's the very first day of all your ambitious New Year's Resolutions.

But, since it's rare to actually get a head start on all your resolutions when you're tired and hungover, here are some animals that are high-key more honest than you about how they feel on the first day of the new year.


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1. That moment you realize there are some delicious leftover snacks from last night's party and you're like, "Just a few more bites before I start my diet."

2. When your friend didn't party as hard as you did, and they make you feel bad for lounging and recovering.

3. You promised yourself you'd get up at that first alarm, but snooze is just so easy to hit.

4. You technically got out of bed when you said you would, even if you're not fully functioning yet.

5. That moment when you start to get used to eating leafy greens again, and you're not quite sure you'll make it.

6. When your trainer tries to convince you to get up, but you're much more comfortable where you are.

7. You enlisted a gym buddy, but your gym buddy is just as lazy as you are.

8. You said you'd simply go for a run. You didn't specify how long it would last.

9. When you think about all the ambitions you had for the day and get overwhelmed, so you go back to bed.

10. Trying so hard to fit in at the gym amongst the regulars.

11. That moment when you realize you and your new trainer have totally different definitions of "giving it your all."


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