12 Animals Who Totally Nailed Their New Year’s Resolutions

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Setting New Year's Resolutions is a time-honored tradition, but don't think that humans are the only ones getting in on the self-improvement action. Here are 15 pets to who totally nailed their resolutions.


1. This owl who has successfully mastered his resolution to be more polite to his clueless mom.

2. This dog who learned to embrace his inner weird in the best way.

3. This cat who finally broke his (/all cats') worst habit.

4. This dog who (probably) just qualified for the next Olympics.

5. These pandas who achieved Taylor Swift-level #SquadGoals.

6. This dog who isn't holding himself back anymore, thank you very much.

7. This dog who is taking those important steps toward "adulthood," even if he doesn't like it.

8. These puppies who stuck together through everything.

9. This dog who finally learned (albeit, the hard way) that crash diets don't actually work.

10. This dog who's finally going to college... kind of.

11. This dog who achieved his dream of giving a really meaningful TED Talk. Or something like that.

12. This dog whose resolution was to bond with someone special and he NAILED it.