Guy Gets Revenge On Cat Who Keeps Waking Him At 4 A.M.

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Nicholas Tecosky likes to sleep normal human hours, which means that he likes for his body to be in a peaceful slumber at 4am. His cat, Italics, likes to sleep normal cat hours, which means naps all day and meowing obnoxiously just when his human is trying to sleep.

Vengeance Meow!

After weeks of being woken by his cat at 4 a.m. in the morning, Tecosky decided it was time for revenge. The Atlanta-based writer waited until Italics was enjoying a quiet, 4 p.m. afternoon nap and then he struck. Well, first he set up a camera to capture the amazing moment forever (and everyone is thankful he did — it's been viewed more than 3 million times on YouTube so far) and then he struck.

Tecosky leaned, took a deep breath and awakened Italics with an epic, ear-splitting meow of his own. Slow. Clap. This is a victory for disgruntled (and sleep-deprived) cat owners everywhere. Watch the perfect revenge moment for yourself below:


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