Dog's Christmas Photos Are The Best Thing You'll See This Holiday

The holidays are great. We all love going to parties, eating delicious sweets, and of course getting dressed up.

Troy, a beautiful Golden Retriever from Brazil, is no exception, especially when it comes to the whole "getting dressed up" part. As HelloGiggles reports, Troy got his dress up WAY on for the cutest/best/most festive holiday photoshoot you've ever put your eyes on.

Here's Troy on an average day (aka looking PERFECT and GORGEOUS).

And here's Troy enjoying his perfect holiday photoshoot. First, his Santa look.

A little behind-the-scenes action.

Here he is dressed as a reindeer.

And reallyย getting into character as Reindeer Retriever.

Next, Troy un-ruins Christmas lights for everyone who was scarred by Stranger Things.

Look at how chill he is, considering the dance party happening on his face.

And if you thought his Santa beard was cute, wait until you see the hat.

But the best of all of Troy's looks, by far, was full-on Hipster Santa (even if he got a little digital help on this one).

Congratulations, Troy. You win Christmas!

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