The Kitten Photo App That Will Save America

Tired of seeing Donald Trump everywhere? It's going to be a long four years. But while hope may seem in short supply, it sometimes pops up in unexpected places, like the Google Chrome Web Store. A new Google Chrome extension, aptly named Make America Kittens Again, replaces images of Trump with images of kittens in any given article. It's free, and I recommend installing it before reading the articles linked to below.

A kitten cuddling a stuffed penguin
credit: Image: Make America Kittens Again

Here's a kitten-ized photo from an article titled Fact-checking 2016: Trump Dominates Annual Review of Political Falsehoods.

Two kittens cuddling
credit: Image: Make America Kittens Again
Two kittens on a red bench
credit: Image: Make America Kittens Again

Make America Kittens Again gives a much-improved cover photo to the Wall Street Journal Article Why a Russian Hacking Inquiry Is in Donald Trump's Best Interests.

Two kittens napping together on a pink cat bed
credit: Image: Make America Kittens Again

Perhaps the app's smartest move was keeping all image captions and mouseover text intact, making for some exquisite pairings of text and imagery.

A cross-eyed cat wearing a bow tie on a bed
credit: Image: Make America Kittens Again

The app is also spot-on in its facial recognition, leaving photos of non-Trump humans untouched while pleasantly censoring any and all Trump photos with a much more aesthetically pleasing kitten.

With the recent news that Trump officially won the Electoral College vote, Make America Kittens Again is a must-have for self-preservation. You can download it in the Google Chrome Store. Together, we truly can make America kittens again.