Long Lost Cat Meows Until Rescuers Find Her Family

Meet Sky. This adorable cat showed up one night recently at a 7-Eleven in Naples, Florida and she would. Not. Stop. Meowing.

Sky's persistence paid off. According to The Dodo, the couple who found Sky took her to the Naples Cat Alliance, where magic happened. Since Sky was microchipped, the people at the shelter figured that finding her family would be easy. Not so much.

Sky's microchip was implanted in Missouri — far, far from Naples, Florida. What's more, the phone number associated with the chip was out of service. It looked like a dead end. Megan Sorbara, president of the Naples Cat Alliance, posted the little information they had (the owner's name and pictures of Sky) on Facebook and an army of pet-lovers and amateur detectives went to work.

"These women on this page just went crazy hunting down this person," she told The Dodo. "They were making a million phone calls. Finally, they found the girl's father — who told them his daughter had moved to Kansas four years earlier."

Finally, Sky's backstory was revealed. Her owner had lost the adorable cat a full seven years ago, during a trip to Naples (which explains how Sky ended up so far from home). Sorbara had the amazing job of calling Sky's family with the good news.

"They were blown away," Sorbara told The Dodo. "They didn't believe it. They were so excited, they were crying."

Sky is flying back to Kansas City at the end of this week to be reunited with her family, and all because she never gave up and made sure her voice (okay, meow) was heard when she found some people who could help.

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