Curious Cuddle Chunk Solves Crime, Nabs Fugitive

Crime-solving pets are usually only found in kids' movies and Disney Channel shows, but a Pennsylvania cat just broke that trend. The real-life cat from Lancaster County helped police arrest a suspect and, as the Ephrata Police Department wrote on Facebook, you can "file this under 'You can't make this up.'"

Cat Solves Crime, Nabs Fugitive
Cat Solves Crime, Nabs Fugitive
credit: Ephrata Police Department

Police were searching for their suspect, Jonathan Michael Steffy, 23, and had narrowed their search to a backyard on Duke St. While searching for Steffy, one officer noticed a black cat that was looking very intently at a shed. He searched the shed, but didn't find the suspect. When he looked back at the cat, however, he noticed something else.

"He again saw the cat and noted that it was looking past him toward another shed," Ephrata Police wrote on Facebook. "The officer then located Steffy at this second shed and took him into custody without further incident."

The police gave credit where credit was due, though, and posted a picture of the heroic, crime-fighting cat along with the full story on Facebook.

"The Ephrata PD is thankful for any crime fighting assistance we get, whether human or feline!"