Cats We Think Look Like Wizards

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Maybe we don't want to accept the ugly cute truth, but no matter how you brew your potions, let's face it. Sometimes, cats look like wizards.

We're not talking about the angsty, prepubescent-millennial magicians. We're talking about the old geezers in pointed hats with a thousand years worth of black magic.


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Our criteria:​ Wizard hats, robes, and majestic beards.

1. No doubt, this little fur-ball is a Hufflepuff.

2. This is how you serve black magic realness, baby.

3. His beard is so big and full... full of secrets.

4. "You're a wizard, hairy... kitty."

5. “I am Oz, the Great and Terrible," spoke the Beast in a voice that was one great roar.

6. When your entire squad is magical AF.

7. "I shall provide you with years of wisdom — in exchange for endless catnip."

8. "Hey kitty, do you know what happened to the little, broom-enchanting mouse who was wearing a hat just like yours?"

9. And we shall call this look "The Purring Merlin"

10. Can I haz a magic wand, too?

11. It's not the size of your hat that matters; it's how you use your wand."

12. AbraCATdabra!


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