Dogs Who See Through Your Human BS

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1. This dog who is way too smart for your tricks.

2. This dog who just needs some time, okay?

3. This pup who is so over his parents that it's not even funny.

4. This little one whose bite is definitely bigger than his bark.

5. This genius lab who sees right through you, bud.

6. This pug who has a really good point.

7. This dog who is will have to calculate some intense math to answer your dumb question.

8. This doggo who is clearly testing you. So what ARE you going to do, Sharon?

9. This dog who is not a furry Christmas tree, despite your best efforts.

10. Let's face it: You lied.

11. This Shih Tzu who — lalalalalalalallalalalalla!!

12. And this dog who feels that baths are a human construct... and why don't you get that?