Give A Christmas Miracle To Family Searching For Lost, Sick Dog

Forget all the packages wrapped in pretty paper and adorned with big shiny bows, all this family wants for Christmas is to find their dog, Sasha, and to bring her home.

The friendly black and white Akita got out of the backyard of her Lansing, Pennsylvania home on December 17th and her family has since organized search parties, put up flyers, checked shelters, posted on lost-pet groups — basically everything you'd do if a member of your own family went missing. With wooded areas and an icy river nearby, their concern and desperation grows by the minute and they've even recently issued a reward for her return, no questions asked.

But this is no ordinary lost dog story. The desperation to find Sasha goes further than ending the family's own pain, they want to end Sasha's suffering as well. Without the necessary daily medication for her hips, Sasha is likely in a lot of pain and finding it difficult to walk. She's now been missing for 6 days.

Sasha (aka Big Bear) is fixed, microchipped and wearing a blue collar and tags with up to date information. One sighting said she was possibly hit by a car, but the family has been unable to confirm that their missing pup was involved in the accident.

So if you get a chance to talk to Santa, let him know this family's Christmas wish is more important than finding a fancy new toy under your tree. Screw the presents, let's get Sasha home for Christmas!

Her family is urging you to call (231) 709-7724 with any information.