These Photos Of Big Dogs With Tiny Children Are Blowing Our Minds

It doesn't get much cuter than a kid playing with their dog. Particularly when the dog in question is at least twice the size of the kid.

Meet our latest obsession, Little Kids and Their Big Dogs, a coffee table book that drops February, courtesy of St. Petersburg, Russia-based superstar photographer Andy Seliverstoff, that features gorgeous action shots of pint-sized humans playing with some of the biggest (and most adorable) dogs on Planet Earth.

Great Danes, Saint Bernards, Newfoundlands, Irish Wolfhounds, Tibetan Mastiffs all star opposite children who don't look big enough to ride any rollercoaster in existence. The shots are jaw-droppingly gorgeous and heart-stoppingly adorable.

It's impossible to pick a favorite photo, but we will say we're pretty partial to Seliverstoff's shots of tiny children and ginormous pups playing in the snow (of which there are, thankfully, several). We are dealing with a Russian-based photographer, after all...

When asked by his publisher Revodana what inspired Seliverstoff's series, the photographer had a pitch-perfect answer:

"The state of endless joy and mutual confidence – that has become the main idea of the series," Seliverstoff explained.

Well, we get the "endless joy" part, that's exactly how we feel every time we look at a picture of these teeny-tiny kids having the time of their lives with their big, furry BFFs.

Little Kids and Their Big Dogs is currently on sale for $34.99 and ships February 21st, 2017. You know, someone in your life probably needs a late-Christmas present (and, FYI, that "someone" is totally allowed to be you.)

Until then, feel free to obsessively refresh Seliverstoff's Instagram. That's what we'll be doing...