Woman Takes Only Very Important Photos Of Dogs During Vacation To France

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You know the drill. You go on vacation. You take pics of famous sites, your food, and of course, you posing in front of everything. That's how the whole vacation photography thing works.

Woman Takes Only Photos Of Dogs During Vacation To France

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Well, that is, unless you're Imgur user Eightcents. Or, rather, the girlfriend of Imgur user Eightcents. Last month, the Imgur user posted a photo album entitled "We went to France, my girlfriend only took pictures of dogs."


"She thought this was a genius project , but we'll let Imgur decide for itself," Eightcents explained on the photo hosting site.

We vote "genius project." Standard vacation shots are great and all, but this is such a hilarious, adorable, specific, and personal way to interact with the city you're visiting.

Even though Eightcents' GF was committed to taking dog-only photos, we kinda hope Eightcents got some shots of the two of them in the mix as well. But if dog pics were all the two got, we think that's totally okay, because Miss Girlfriend got some SUPER cute pics of some SUPER French dogs.


Check out this pic, which Eightcents captioned "In France, even dogs drink expresso."

We know what we're doing on our next vacation.

Okay, so we'll probably get a few shots in of ourselves/food/sunsets, you know, all the normal vacay photo stuff. But we kind of love the idea of getting some shots of local dogs. With the owners' permission, of course! Vacation photo projects don't get more adorable than this.