Friends & Family Dish On Lakers Guard D'Angelo Russell's Love Of Dogs

In a profile recently published by ESPN, he explains that his son was a passionate dog lover from the time he was born.

This is D'Angelo Russell, a point guard in his second season with the Los Angeles Lakers.

D'Angelo Russell Los Angeles Lakers point guard
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On the court, he's known for his scoring prowess, slick ball-handling skills, and competitive fire.

Away from the court, though, the 20-year-old Louisville native is just like other millennials: He's into fashion, music, and taking selfies with friends and fam.

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A closer look at his Instagram — which is 100 percent lit — reveals an even softer side to this up and coming NBA baller: Russell has a deep and abiding love for doggos!

Earlier in the summer, in fact, he adopted Molly and Max, a pair of adorable 10-week-old Bernedoodle puppies (which are a cross between Bernese Mountain dogs and poodles).

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Ever since, the duo has been making regular appearances on his social feeds, where their pictures and videos routinely rack up thousands of likes, comments, and shares from adoring fans.

Case in point: This slam dunk snap embedded below, which was posted in honor of #NationalDogDay.

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According to Russell's dad, Antonio, none of this is a new development.

"If anything happened to a dog in a movie or TV show, Russell would break down crying. [I] would try to comfort him. 'You know it's just TV,' he'd remind his son. But Russell said he didn't care. It felt real enough to him."

Friends and teammates close to Russell have also observed this same unselfish and loving spirit when it comes to canines.

"D-Russ loves them [dogs] and he takes them and he treats them like they're people," says Kelsey Mitchell, a star forward for the Buckeyes' women's basketball team. "He talks to them. I used to be like, 'D-Russ, this is not a person.'"

The final takeaway from all of this? Strip away the fame and fortune, and pro athletes are often just like you and I!

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