Tiny Dog Eats Entire Christmas Turkey While Family Isn’t Looking

This is Bubba, a five-year-old Chi Apso with a deceptively mighty appetite.

On Christmas Eve, Bubba had a private feast of her own. Her owner, David Barrett, from Prestwick, South Ayrshire in Scotland, tweeted the story, which has since gone viral. The short version: While the family was hanging out elsewhere, Bubba snuck into the kitchen and ate the entire Christmas turkey.

According to the Daily Mail, Barrett's family realized what had happened when Bubba collapsed on the floor in an almost-literal food coma, totally unable to move.

To be fair, Bubba did leave the humans a tiny piece of Turkey breast to share — but she polished off most of a bird that was meant to feed three people. So she spent Christmas looking like every human who's ever eaten way, way, way too much on the holidays — in fine health, but utterly exhausted.

Go on, Bubba. Sleep it off.