3 Abandoned Kittens Snuggled Back To Life

Who doesn't love a story packed full of love, snuggles, and kittens? The only thing better is when the story is true — like this one.

A young couple saved a litter of three tiny kittens from freezing to death. They had heard meowing coming from their neighbor's pickup truck, and found the kittens, nearly dead in the cold rain, soaked through. After waiting around for several hours to see if the mom would return, the couple decided to bring them inside and try to warm them up.

While two of the kittens were "crying and moving around," says Imgur user Stonemonkeyking, "this one was cold to the bones. It wasn't moving, crying, and I could barely feel a heartbeat."

So, what’s a guy to do? Initiate snuggles!

After approximately 20 minutes of non-stop cuddles, the little guy started crying. The couple put the kittens in a box layered with a heating pad on low and some blankets to warm them up and continued with the snuggling.

Finally, the kittens started to move around. With no sign of mom, the couple--already parents to a puppy and a 10 month old baby--knew they couldn't just abandon the little fluffballs. And you know what they say, once it's got a name, you'll get attached to it.

"This is the moment when I realized that I'm now their mommy," Stonemonkeyking said.

Squishy, the biggest and strongest of the kittens, whose cries initially led to their discovery, was decidedly the most adorable.

Lazarus, who they practically brought back from the dead, is maybe the most miraculous.

Lou is pretty much cuteness in kitten form.

Now the couple have their hands full. Watching, feeding, and taking care of their furry babies (and not so furry baby) is totally time consuming.

But who wouldn't make the time for these guys?