Your Dog's Dreams Will Become Reality With These 11 Essentials

Now that you've got all your holiday money burning a hole in your pocket, it's time to actually get something for the most important person in your life: your dog.

1. GPS Tracking Collar For Dogs by Nuzzle

11 essentials for your dog
credit: Nuzzle

Nobody wants to find themselves in the harrowing situation of having their dog get lost. Luckily Nuzzle has made a GPS collar that uses cell service to locate your dog. The best part? There are no monthly fees like other similar products. It's fully waterproof and comes with two battery packs, so you always have a power source handy.

2. Stuffed Animal Replica of Your Dog

11 essentials for your dog
credit: Cuddle Clones

Now you can have the ultimate stuffed animal replica made of your dog. Finally, you can bring this toy with you to the office and cuddle with it all day, until you can go back home to cuddle your actual dog. Don't worry, your co-workers won't think you're weird or anything.

3. Wi-Fi and Webcam-Enabled Automatic Pet Feeder

11 essentials for your dog
credit: Feedango

This Wi-Fi and webcam-enabled automatic pet feeder lets you schedule your dog's meals and monitor their eating habits all from your phone. You can even record your voice to leave your dog a message to let him know that he's a good boy, just in case he forgot.

4. Elevated Bamboo Feeder by Pet Lounge Studios

Your dog will surely be bamboozled by this beautiful bamboo bowl set. It's made of eco-friendly bamboo which happens to be naturally stain proof. It's also got non-marking rubber on the bottom so your dog can't push it around on your marble floors. It's also elevated so your dog needn't be discomforted even slightest bit when chowing down.

5. Automatic Ball Launcher by iFetch

11 essentials for your dog
credit: iFetch

Is your dog obsessed with playing fetch? So much so that you've developed calluses and arthritis in your throwing arm? Well now your dog can play fetch 24/7, and you can finally ice that shoulder.

6. Dog Health Insurance

11 essentials for your dog
credit: Imgur

Make this the year that you finally make your dog's health a real priority. Having health insurance for your pet means that you won't have to worry should a medical issue or emergency arise. Nobody wants to be in a position where they can't give the best care to their loved one just because they can't afford it. HealthyPaws pet insurance has a wide variety of coverage plans for any budget.

7. Multi-Tier Pet Fountain by PetSafe

11 essentials for your dog
credit: PetSafe

Help keep your dog hydrated with their very own filtered water fountain. The water is kept cool and aerated thanks to the constant motion. Of course only bottled water will do.

8. Bike Pet Trailer by Aosom

11 essentials for your dog
credit: Aosom

We get it; your New Year's resolution was to get finally get fit. Riding your bike is a great, healthy hobby, and now you can bring along your best friend. Everyone will think you are towing your own children... and they'll be right. It's just that your children have four legs, a wet nose, big ears, and are covered in fur.

9. GoPro Dog Harness

11 essentials for your dog
credit: GoPro

Forget putting cameras on drones, when you can put cameras on dogs! See life through your dog's point of view with this ridiculously awesome harness. It's made by GoPro, so you'll need one of their rugged cameras, but we think it's worth it to shed some light on your pet's world view. Who knows, maybe your dog lives a secret life that's as extreme as the people in those GoPro commercials.

10. Gourmet Dog Treat Maker by Bow Wow Bistro

One of your New Year's resolution is to stop eating out and cook at home more right? Well, now you can do the same for you pet. This waffle-maker-looking gizmo is specially designed to produce 10 dog-bone-shaped treats.

11. PetCube Play Wifi Camera and Laser Toy

11 essentials for your dog
credit: Pet Cube

Now you can spy on and play with your dog from anywhere in the world. The PetCube features a camera with night vision, a laser that you can control from your phone, and even a microphone — so you can remind your dog that they aren't allowed on the bed.