These Shelter Cats Are So Much Better At Making Friends Than You Are

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If you've ever complained about how hard it is to make friends as a grownup, meet two cats who are better at adulting than you.

According to a post on the Merrimack River Feline Rescue Society Facebook page, these two besties became fast friends when they met at the shelter. The cat in front (whose name is Method Man, btw) initiated the adorable friendship after he took matters into his own hands when he got lonely in his cage.

"Method Man (front of photo) decided being alone just did not suit he pushed the litter box from the cat condo above him out of the way and moved in with Jack Daw (back of photo)!" wrote the shelter.

Seriously, Method Man and Jack Daw are the 2017 definition of #friendshipgoals.

Now, the shelter is trying to get the besties adopted together, because obviously.

"If you are looking for a cute pair of older kittens, consider visiting and ask to meet Method Man and Jack Daw!" they wrote.