OMG This Teddy Bear Kitten Is So Fluffy You'll Want To Reach Through Your Screen And Squeeze It

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If 2017 is still feeling a bit too much like 2016 for your liking, don't worry: The internet is still full of enough cute animals to chase away (or at least make you temporarily forget) your woes.

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Like Oscar, a British shorthair from Seattle, who Yahoo brought our attention to.

Oscar isn't your average cute cat. He's so fluffy he looks like a stuffed animal.

Seriously, there are not words to describe his fluffiness.

There are only GIFs to describe it.

Oscar lounges like an adorable, floppy stuffed animal.

Oscar yawns and you'll want to give him the BIGGEST hug.

Oscar plays dress up and he's the fluffiest, cutest lion that ever was.

You will be incomprehensibly jealous of every hand that ever gets to pet Oscar because that hand is not your hand and #LIFEISNOTFAIR.

Seriously, it seems like some of cuteness magic that a cat so huggable and unbelievably fluffy could even exist.

But it does exist. Oscar exists.

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