Baby Rhino Discovering Snow Exists Proves Happiness Is Contagious

There is something about the holidays that makes snow bearable, even magical.

But, now that many of you have put away the decorations, boxed up the lights and lawn ornaments, and basically said good bye to the holidays for another year, winter (and snow) seem like they are gonna be around for a really long time. For those who live in the snowier parts of the world, this time of year can be challenging and your relationship with snow may not be the best.

You know what is the best? A 2-month-old baby rhino playing in the snow.

Recapture that sense of joy you had over the holidays and a new-found love of the wintery white stuff and watch this baby black rhino from the Blank Park Zoo in Des Moines, Iowa, experience snow for the first time.

Only 2-months-old at the time of her first snow encounter, the baby rhino is so full of joy it's contagious. She starts off a little cautious with the unknown cold white stuff, but soon she is eating it, spinning in it, and even rolling around in it. As she runs and plays, even jumping up and down with excitement, you can see that this rhino loves the snow!

The baby rhino, who still hasn't got a name, was born in October last year. One of only seven rhinos born in zoos in 2016, she made headlines not only because she is an endangered black rhino, but because she is incredibly adorable.