Deaf Rescue Dog And Special Needs Boy Become BFFs

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When Brandi Guillet agreed to foster a rescued deaf boxer named Ellie, she had no idea the dog would end up rescuing her son at the same time.


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Brandi's six year old son Connor is special needs, non-verbal, and uses sign language to communicate. She adopted him at birth with knowledge of his genetic disorder and showered him with a mother's unconditional love and attention. Years later she would do the same for Ellie and in return, was given the companion of a lifetime for her son.


When the family saw the special bond between the two, Brandi immediately took to social media to let everyone know just how great the deaf rescue dog is. Since January 1st, her post on the Deaf Dogs Rock Facebook page has received over 900 likes, 200 shares and a slew of people commenting to show support and share their own experiences with beloved deaf pups.

According to Brandi, Ellie is amazingly gentle and loving with Connor and she's since shared multiple pictures of the two cuddling affectionately. True friendship knows no bounds, or species. And despite the fact that her son can't speak and Ellie can't hear, that doesn't stop the two from communicating with each other. And that, she said, is the most beautiful part of this whole thing.

Brandi and her family are now in the process of adopting Ellie and encourage others to adopt deaf too.