Dog Reunited With Family After Walking 60 Miles In 2 Months

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In a real life tale reminiscent of the '93 Disney hit, Homeward Bound, a border collie named "Casey" trekked 60 miles in over 2 months hoping to be reunited with his family. Ultimately, a device every dog should have was key in getting him back to his family.

Owner Carole Fossett and her dog Casey

Casey's incredible journey started in the small town of Spilsby, located in Lincolnshire, England. Casey was being cared for by a family friend while his family was moving to a new home, but that's when he disappeared.

For weeks Casey's family desperately searched for him, plastering their community with flyers and doing everything possible to get the word out. Casey's family even started a Facebook campaign to find him, however very few leads were uncovered. As the weeks carried on, hope for ever finding Casey dwindled.


Casey shortly after being found

Carole Fossett, Casey's owner, was starting to lose hope,"We didn't hear anything and I thought, that's it, he's died. He's been shot or run over." But with no evidence that Casey was dead, the family kept hope, "All we kept thinking was, where is he?"


Two months later, and just when Carole and the family were about to give up hope, Carole received a telephone call from Newark and Sherwood District Council explaining that their wardens had found Casey hiding beneath bushes at a Waitrose parking lot in Newark, Nottinghamshire.

Casey after some much needed TLC

But Casey wasn't out of the woods yet; he desperately needed to be reunited with his family. Casey appeared to be very dehydrated and malnourished. He had lost nearly half of his bodyweight, going from 60 lbs to just 35 lbs. Newark and Sherwood District Council to say their wardens had found him cowering under bushes at a Waitrose parking lot in Newark, Nottinghamshire.


Distance that Casey traveled

"I just burst into tears. I can't describe it. When your dog's been missing for two months you just don't believe you're going to see him again," his Carole said.

And just like that, the family was reunited again, "He was sitting in the corner and me and my partner walked in and I said 'Casey' and his little tail started to wag. Then we walked into the pen and he absolutely went ballistic."


Warden Alan Batty said "It wasn't until we checked him for a microchip and contacted his owner that we realized how lucky the dog was, as he was registered to an address in Skegness. We do not know how he ended up in Newark, but we had one relieved and emotional owner who couldn't wait to collect him from us.

Casey's miraculous journey has been a true test of courage and persistence to be reunited with his family. Casey might not have been reunited with his family if not for his microchip.


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