A Police Horse Tried to Board a Bus in London, But It Didn't Work Because... Horse

It looks like even horses have struggles with the morning commute.

Last week, according to the Telegraph, Simon Crowcroft, a politician, witnessed an actual horse trying to board an actual double-decker bus in London and it's EVERYTHING.

Thankfully, Crowcroft and other wonderful humans captured this moment for the rest of the world to see.

"We had actually got lost when we came across this strange scene of a horse appearing to get on a bus outside Sainsbury's. It was just a very unusual image, and I always keep my phone handy due to the nature of my work," Crowcroft told the Islington Gazette. "You couldn't see anything inside the bus, as a big horse was in the way. But it was obvious a mounted police officer was assisting at the scene."

Of course the horse didn't fit on the bus because, well, it's a giant horse. But that doesn't make the pictures of the attempt any less awesome.

Excuse us, we'll be sobbing the rest of the day because our commute never includes enough horses on busses. NEVER.