Blind Service Dog Helped Adopt Another Blind Dog And It's Almost Too Much

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All dogs are amazing, of course, but Smiley and Pal are two extra amazing pups. In addition to being totally adorable and man's best friend, these two dogs are both blind.

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Smiley the Blind Therapy Dog has been helping people and living with his mom, Joanne George, for years now.

It's gone so well and been such a rewarding relationship that when Joanne read a story about another blind puppy in Turkey, she knew she had to adopt him and bring him to Canada to live with her and the rest of her family, Dogster reports.

That dog's name is Pal, and Joanne kept her promise to herself and rescued him to join her family.

Pal has been blind since birth and he definitely had some trouble adjusting to his new forever home at first. It took him a little bit to get used to his dog siblings, but once he did, everything felt completely natural, Joanne says.


"He was just like a bear," Joanne told Dogster. "Thank goodness Pippi [the family's third dog] and Smiley are very tolerant, understanding, and quiet. It only took him about a day to realize these dogs were never going to hurt him, and he stopped reacting."

Now, Pal, Smiley, and Pippi are certified besties though, so all is right with the world.

Sadly, there's more to Pal's story. While coming to Canada to live with Joanne and her family was a blessing in almost every way, the sudden changes of the move on his body may have triggered the onset of hypertrophic osteodystrophy. The painful bone disease is common in fast-growing, large breeds of dogs and Pal's vets say his stressful life in Turkey made him a perfect candidate for the ailment.


“Then he comes here, and he gets balanced nutrition. All of a sudden, he’s getting these minerals and nutrients. They said basically his bones kind of went into shock,” Joanne explained to Dogster.

Of course, Pal is in the best place he could be. Joanne is a dedicated pet mom who's getting him the help he needs.

And Pal seems to be feeling better already. ❤️