Carrie Underwood’s Dog, Ace, Is Learning To Walk After Tragic Incident

You may be a fan of Carrie Underwood because she is a flipping great singer. Or you may be a fan because she is a world-class dog mama. Or you may be a fan because of both reasons (both are totally allowed, btw).

Carrie Underwood’s Dog, Ace, Is Learning To Walk After Tragic Incident
Ace and Penny with their human, Carrie Underwood
credit: Ace And Penny

Either way, if you follow Underwood on social media, you're aware that one of her dogs Ace recently suffered a herniated disk that left his backside completely paralyzed for a few days. And right before Christmas too, poor guy!

Ace soon regained mobility on his right side, but his left side is lagging a little in the recovery process.

Lucky dog that he is, his mom is Carrie Underwood, and so he's getting the best care in the world. Here's the little guy in hydrotherapy. And, as Carrie notes in the Instagram below, Ace is "taking his physical therapy like a champ." Good boy!

This is definitely not the first time Ace has been adorable on social media. He and his sister Penny have a Twitter account at the very-easy-to-remember @AceAndPenny, and the two pups post some of the cutest content on the interwebs.

Here's Carrie and Ace posing together on the cover of Redbook:

And here are Ace and his sister Penny showing off their cute mugs for National Dog Day:

Ace in his winter finery:

And here Ace and Penny are, getting their snuggle on!

We hope Ace feels better very soon and we're so glad he has such an adorable dog sister to cuddle with during recovery and such an awesome human mom taking care of him!