A Tiny Oxygen Mask Revives An Even Tinier Guinea Pig

Firefighters rescued an adorable guinea pig from a house fire, and resuscitated the fluff ball with an itty-bitty, teeny oxygen mask.

When crews with Miramar Fire Rescue arrived at a blaze at a Florida residence, they discovered the homeowners had escaped. All except the newest family member; a yet-to-be-named guinea pig who was a Christmas gift.

That's when rescue workers reported hearing a disturbing scream.

"They said it sounded like a child," a spokesperson with Miramar Fire Rescue told the Miami Herald. "It was screaming so loud."

The guinea pig was trapped inside it's cage when firefighters rescued and revived the pet in peril with the help of a tiny oxygen mask.

"No injuries to the homeowners or our firefighters were reported and one family pet, a guinea pig, was treated and released on scene," authorities posted to Facebook.

We're certainly happy that this little fluff is safe and happy!