Did Carrie Fisher's Dog, Gary, Just Confirm This Twitter Account?

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When Carrie Fisher passed away, she left behind her daughter, Billie Lourd, and her beloved French bulldog, Gary Fisher. Gary has a popular, verified Instagram account and tons of fans of his own.

After Carrie's death, lots of accounts posted their remembrances, including a few attributed to Gary. Now, it looks like Gary might have confirmed one of the accounts as his own on Instagram.

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If that account is legit, we're here for it, since Gary (or the human with an iPhone who helps him run the accounts) has posted some beautiful pictures of him and his mom since her passing.


While the Twitter account still isn't verified, we're taking the Instagram confirmation as legit for now at least. After all, getting verified on Twitter is notoriously difficult and we'd imagine it's event harder for animals. Remember the fan outrage over how long it took Marnie the Dog to get verified?

But eventually, it happened for Marnie and we're confident it will happen for Gary too—you know, assuming he's legit.

Which he has to be. HAS TO BE, right?