Whoops: Obama’s Dog, Sunny, Bites Teen During White House Visit

Going to the White House to visit your BFF, who just so happens to be Malia Obama, has got to be exciting. You may even be tempted to bring home a souvenir to commemorate the experience. But instead of taking a pen or a few sugar packets, one girl accidentally went home with something she'd never forget — stitches!

One of the Obama's Portuguese water dogs, Sunny, just wasn't feeling the love and affection from Malia's friend during her visit on Monday. According to TMZ, the girl bent down to pet and kiss Sunny when the dog snapped and bit the girl right in the face.

The girl quickly displayed her newfound disaffection for Sunny on her Snapchat while Malia, who apparently thought the whole situation was pretty funny, smiled playfully in the background.

After being examined by the official White House physician, Dr. Ronny Jackson, it was clear the girl would need a few stitches and would likely end up with a small scar. The 18-year-old was reportedly not happy about this, but how many people can actually say they were stitched up by the White House doctor?

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Sunny and Bo relax during the holidays.
credit: Alex Wong/Getty Images News/GettyImages

She may end up with a small scar, but she's got one helluva story to tell at parties for the rest of her life. There's no way anyone will ever be able to trump this one.