Vice President-Elect Mike Pence’s Surprisingly Adorable Pets Arrive In D.C.

Sure, Mike Pence may seem like a regular, boring politician. But, shockingly, there actually is something interesting about him. And, not surprisingly, it has nothing to do with who he is and everything to do with who he owns. Of course we're referring to his pets!

In his descent upon Washington D.C, Pence recently showed off a few lesser known members of his family. First, he debuted his two cats. Like the chivalrous man he is, he allowed his wife and daughter to carry the animals off the plane for him.

Despite their circumstances, the pussy cats are genuinely adorable. So adorable, in fact, he'll need to keep President-elect Trump from just reaching out and grabbing them anytime he wants.

The Pence cats have absolutely delicious names, Oreo and Pickle. Pickle, despite his name, is not actually green, proving Pence may have a hint of a sense of humor after all.

And unlike his traditional views, he's actually untraditional in his pet choices because he also has a rabbit.

The bunny is named Marlon Bundo, like the iconic actor Marlon Brando. It's unclear why he chose "Bundo." Probably because "Bundo" is a cute thing to call your pet. Or maybe because "Bundo" means "really drunk" according to Urban Dictionary. Though it's highly unlikely Mike Pence knew that since he wouldn't feel safe visiting a website with the word "urban" in it.

Pence used to have a dog, as well. In perhaps the only thing he's ever said that's universally agreed upon, he expressed sadness when his beloved pup passed away.

Mike Pence's unpredictable pet choices are a reminder that animals can bring everyone together. Even someone like Pence is a big fan of all furry friends.

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Not surprisingly, the VP-elect is able to see the beauty in even the most odd creatures.

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But his favorite seem to be those animals who are submissive and don't talk back.

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Hopefully Pence's pets thrive in their new home. And hopefully there's still plenty of water for them once the swamp is drained.