30 Funniest Tweets From @Midnight's #DogCelebs Hashtag War

This is Chris Hardwick. He's probably best known as the founder of Nerdist.com and the host of Midnight, a late night game show that airs on Comedy Central.

2015 Creative Arts Emmy Awards - Governors Ball
Chris Hardwick accepts Emmy
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Every episode of the latter includes a hashtag challenge open to viewers at home and on Twitter. Culled from a pool of submissions that numbers in the thousands, the funniest takes are shared on-air, which for comedians, both aspiring and professional, is a BFD.

Last night's competition hit us in the feels by riffing on two of our favorite things here at Cuteness.com: dogs and celebs. Enter, #dogcelebs, which started trending on the microblogging platform almost immediately after it was revealed.

While there were a number of popular, if predictable, puns like Brad Pitt Bull and Angela Basset Hound, some of the participants dug deeper to craft some LOL-quality hashtag hounds. Below, then: 30 of the most pawesome tweets from #dogcelebs.

1. This is literally genius.

2. As is this one.

3. You know it's a good hashtag war when the brands get in on the fun.

4. Quality punning here, do with it what you will.

5. Giving this one ALL of the 👏 👏 👏 emojis.

6. Bonus: Now you finally know what to call that thing.

7. Just spit up my drink (because OMGOSH).

8. Quick, someone visualize this with Photoshop.

9. 10/10 Radiohead fans would fave and retweet this.

10. Confession: If someone cast this dog in a buddy cop movie set in Boston, I would watch it.

11. People always tell me to 'Stop trying to make Bette happen' but I just shrug.

12. Here's your reminder that changing a letter or two can make a huge diff.

13. Try getting this image out of your head.

14. Puts a literal and unexpected twist on the hazing scene from Dazed And Confused ("Alright you little freshmen bitches ... AIIIIIIIIIIR RAID").

15. My kingdom for a hand-sketched portrait of this mashup.

16. Give this Twitterer a medal.

17. This one also merits an award.

18. Because artists are celebrities too.

19. Don't steal tweets; it's bad karma karma karma karma karma chameleon.

20. If I was a teacher, I would grade this A+++

21. Dead from laughter right now, RIP me.

22. This one is music to our ears.

23. Here's a reference that only true '90s kids will understand.

24. In no known universe would I ever be able to tease out a joke this good.

25. Best enjoyed when read in Darth Vader's voice.

26. Can't even right now with this one 😂 😂 😂

27. Guaranteed to change the way you watch The Breakfast Club forever.

28. Straights 💯💯💯 across the board.

29. Buried under a crush of tweets but truly deserving of more RTs and more faves.

30. Putting the fun back in funds.

Did we miss your favorite tweet from #dogcelebs? Share it with us in the comments below!