Fearless Cat Shreds Slopes With Terrified Human

Some cats sleep all day and some cats sled down a mountain at top speeds, while their human films the whole thing.

Fearless Cat Shreds Slopes With Terrified Human
credit: jessesphotos

Careening down the side of a snowy mountain with the cold wind whipping your face while your best friend clings to your shoulders seems like a ton of fun. Especially if that friend is actually one of your cats.

Jesse Smith, a Washington based photographer who shoots everything from weddings to action sports, posted a video of him and one of his cats sledding together that received over 2 million views in just one week.

The video shows Smith racing down the mountain with Weston, a black and white beauty, draped around his shoulders. As the dashing duo gain speed, Weston crouches down and hangs on for the ride but never breaks out the claws or tries to jump off his owner's shoulders. Basically, if Travis Pastrana were a cat, he'd be this cat.

Weston actually has another partner-in-crime besides Smith though. A leopard striped lady named Ellinore joins in on all the fun while Smith and his wife document all the fun on their Facebook and Instagram pages for our time-wasting pleasure.

The inseparable pair do everything together from sledding to hiking and even climbing trees and each second is more adorable than the last.