Happy Piglets Romping On A Warm Blanket Will Make You Squeal

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A video is going viral after it captured pure delight experienced by adorable pigs as they realize the blanket they're on is warmer than most.

And watching it will warm your heart.

Video of the Day

Reddit user Infinity posted the video saying "Warm Blanket Fresh Out of the Dryer."


You can see the moment when the first pig gets on the blanket and pauses, only to realize there's something special about this particular blanket. He gets so excited it attracts a piggy playmate.

For a brief moment, the two play together happily and all is well. Then the original pig gets greedy about all the warmth and pushes the other one off, thereby claiming all territorial rights over the heated TMNT blanket. And we can't blame him since a fresh-out-of-the-dryer blanket is a wonderful life luxury.


There's honestly nothing cuter than seeing real life pigs in a blanket.

Except, of course, seeing two pigs in a blanket.

It's nice to know that even animals can enjoy the same simple delights we do.