When It's Cats Vs. Dogs On The Soccer Field, We All Win

It's no secret that dogs love chasing balls. The same could even be said of cats, too, as the GIF below illustrates. (No judgement here, cat, this is a safe space.)

Cat bats lazily at ball on track
credit: GIPHY

The sporting world was reminded of this fact last weekend when a playful pupper — and then a skeptical AF gato — wandered onto the pitch at a match between Pachuca and Chiapas, two teams in Liga MX, Mexico's top soccer league.

Flashing solid form and technique, the doggo streaked across the field at the 67th minute, stopping briefly on the sideline to collect pets from coaches with the Chiapas squad.

Finding neither biscuit nor bone, the unchaperoned canine then set off in search of (literally) greener pastures — only to get collared by the stadium's security personnel.

Not to be outdone by its rival species, a furry, barrel-chested interloper posted up just inside the 18-yard box around the 85th minute. Unlike its doggy counterpart, the cat had no interest in getting any touches — it simply wanted a closer look at the action.

Like the number of goal surrendered by Pachuca, who won the match 1-0, zero efffs were given until a referee approached and the blasé kitty scooted away.

Embedded below: all of the game's highlights and hijinks. Jump forward to the 1:04 mark for the doggy dash and 3:50 for the pitch purrfect mouser(sorry, not sorry). Even if you don't speak Spanish, the color commentary lends an element of festive levity to the entire thing.